EA Error in Junkers Boilers


4 Causes and How to Fix Them

Junkers boilers have error codes that are often very helpful to the user or technicians. These codes have been designed to make it easier for people to understand what the causes of the failure are so that boiler can operate as normal again. In this article, we will be specifically looking at error code EA in Junkers boilers, what its potential causes are, and, of course, the solutions.

This is an important topic because most faults with Junkers boilers result in error code EA. At the end of this article, you will find a very useful “Frequently Asked Questions” section which has been based on actual questions about the EA error code in Junkers boilers. If you are unable to find an answer to your concern in this article, you will definitely find it in the frequently asked questions section. Let’s take a look!

Why You Should Call in a Technician

Some solutions for the EA error code are straightforward and you can immediately rectify the problem. However, when you have exhausted all possibilities and cannot resolve the issue, it’s best not to try and solve the problem further on your own. In such cases, the best thing to do is to contact a professional. Experience has shown that a lack of expertise in resolving error codes in boilers can cause further damage, and result in more serious damage than there was initially. When your boiler is poorly calibrated or not handled correctly, this can be dangerous.

Boiler technicians have been specially trained to spot complex signs that an untrained person is not able to recognize. This is why it is very important to consult with a professional before handling any parts yourself. Your boiler technician will quickly be able to assess the problem and provide the correct diagnosis based on the screen’s error code (EA in this case) and any other problems that they detect in your boiler.

What does the EA error code mean on the screen?

Junkers is a German boiler brand and is well-known for its efficiency and performance. You therefore have very little to worry about. Your boiler has been optimally designed, manufactured with the best materials, the highest standard of workmanship, and there are spare parts available that can have it operating as if it is brand new.

These boilers come with large screens, informational icons and written messages. The Junkers boiler multi-display error code system is highly effective. According to the Junkers boiler “Installation and operational” manualerror code EA basically means “no flame detected”, and the possible solutions are the following:

  • Check if the gas tap is open
  • Check the flow pressure at the gas inlet
  • Check the electricity supply outlet
  • Check if the ignition electrodes and their cables are working
  • Examine the boiler’s gas exhaust pipe
  • Check if the gas/air ratio is correct
  • If your boiler has them, check the gas regulators and pressure reducers
  • Check the gas flow controller (if your boiler uses natural gas)

False Alarm?


The vast majority of questions around Junkers boiler problems are not related to faults with the boiler itself, even if there is an EA error code. When error code EA appears on the screen, some people do not know what this means, while others assume that something serious is going on. It may be serious, but there is a chance that it is not serious.

Sometimes, it is simply a false alarm, and the EA error code, in these cases, just means that the boiler needs a general service. Nothing more. Sometimes it means that the boiler is not working as it should. So, in these cases, an EA error code could be due to:

  • The boiler’s pressure is not within normal parameters, so you should regulate the pressure
  • No water flow due to a blockage in the connection or because the boiler hasn’t been installed correctly, resulting in insufficient water flow
  • power failure, which can simply be caused by poor contact in the outlet, causing an interruption in electricity, which is then continuously restored

As you can see from the above, practically all of these causes of the EA error code are unrelated to the boiler’s operation, or are due to the user not ensuring that the boiler operates within normal parameters. In these cases, the first thing you should do is to check that everything is operating as it should before assuming that the problem is more serious. We will now discuss some of the more serious causes of an EA error.

Possible causes of an EA error

As mentioned, most problems with Junkers boilers result in an EA error. Most of these are related to service, maintenance, or repair issues. However, in many cases, this error code is merely indicative and does not explain exactly what the problem is with the boiler. They do, however, often present clues as to what the actual problem is but these are normally only noticeable by a trained professional.

>>1. Simply a lack of maintenance

The least serious reason for an EA error code is that the boiler needs its annual service, or that it requires maintenance. You should therefore call in a technician and have them service your boiler. Sometimes, the EA error code simply disappears and your boiler continues to work properly.

>>2. Shortage of gas due to several reasons

There may be a shortage of gas in your boiler for various reasons:

  • Lack of supply because the gas is not flowing as it should or has run out (either due to a mechanical issue or because a part has become congested).
  • One of the valves has been inadvertently fully or partially closed, or is not working properly
  • The burner is dirty
  • The valve is faulty or broken

At this point, you should note that when there is no gas and when the boiler doesn’t detect a flame, the third ignition attempt will result in an EA error on the screen. This is a sign that you should call in a technician. If the problem is due to poor gas flow as a result of one of the reasons listed above or another reason, as soon as the gas supply is restored, the boiler should start working again and the EA error code should disappear.

Another thing to bear in mind in terms of gas supply and an EA error: if you have removed the boiler’s inner lid, it will sense this and display this kind of error. It senses this through an internal pressure tap that connects to the regulator and prevents gas injection when the lid is open (at least on some models).


>>3. The condensation drain pipe may be congested

What happens in this third possible cause is that the boiler cannot expel the condensed liquids from the combustion process. These liquids then remain inside the combustion chamber and cause it to stop working. You will need to locate the drain pipe and unclog it. It’s as simple as that.

>>4. A possible probe or ionization electrode failure

This is the most complex cause of all. You can only check the probe or electrode by measuring the current flow with a tester (a multimeter that has been set in microampere mode). You will also need to check the user manual for the correct measurement, as set out by the manufacturer. Once this has been done, you will know if this has been the cause of the error, or if these parts are damaged and need to be replaced.


FAQ for error code EA in Junkers boilers

By reading questions from other people with faulty boilers, you might find suggested solutions for your own boiler problems. If you have not had similar issues, they may happen to you in the future. Here are some common questions about the EA error code in Junkers boilers.


>> I use butane and my boiler often displays the EA error code

QUESTION: In the beginning, I used propane gas with my boiler. A technician advised me that my boiler would work equally as well with either butane or propane gas. I then started using butane (my cylinders are outside of the house and where I live there is frost). From that point, my boiler now sometimes works perfectly but sometimes it doesn’t. I often get the EA error code on the screen and it shuts down. I cannot find why this is happening.

ANSWER: Butane might not be the best option if there is frost where you live and you keep the cylinders outside. The problem is that butane does not like to remain in a gaseous state when it cools down, and the boiler will then be unable to detect a flame, which is why it gives the EA error. Go back to using propane, and things should soon resolve themselves. Some people have done this without a problem. I am attaching a link where you can find some recommendations from Junkers on the best heating systems for cold climates.


>>My boiler model doesn’t have a siphon and there is an EA error

QUESTION: There is an EA error on the screen. I cannot unclog the siphon because my boiler model does not have one. The technician advised me that I need to replace the pump and perhaps also the gas valve. The pump is only one year old. I don’t want to do this if it is not necessary. Should I replace it?

ANSWER: When was the last time your boiler was serviced? Try to have some general maintenance done first as this might be the cause. Other simple causes could be a problem with the electricity supply (due to an ignition failure or poor contact), in the gas supply or an installation issue. If you have attended to all of these things and the boiler still keeps giving the EA error code, then you should probably follow the technician’s advice and replace the gas pump and valve.

>>The boiler has gas but doesn’t start and gives an EA error code

QUESTION: My Junkers boiler is giving the EA error code and it doesn’t start (it only lights up the “pilot” flame, but the burners do not light up). The manufacturer’s manual says that this code means that there is a gas supply failure. This is easy to check and I have already done so. There is no gas failure. The manual says that it could also be a fault with the ionization system (electrode and solenoid valves). My question is: How do I go about checking these parts?

ANSWER: The error code may be due to what you have mentioned and several other causes. For example, the batteries need to be sufficiently charged, otherwise, ignition is weak or there is no ignition at all. However, if the batteries are new and working properly, then it may be due to another series of causes, such as a torn membrane, gas failure, a dirty pilot flame injector, or if it uses butane gas, you’ll need to check the regulator. It may also be necessary to sand down the ionization electrode.

The solution could be any of the above-mentioned or something else as this kind of failure could be due to several issues. Error codes give clues that are not always helpful, and the problem may, therefore, not be clear if you are not a boiler professional. I would therefore recommend not to try and repair it yourself. As you can tell, boiler processes are intricate and it is better to call in a technician to have a look at the boiler. The technician will know what needs to be done, and if any of the parts need to be replaced.

>> My boiler is not working properly, produces no hot water, and is giving an EA error

QUESTION: Hi there! A few days ago, my Junkers boiler worked perfectly for 4 hours, but then stopped and displayed the EA error. I didn’t use it for 2 days, and yesterday when I wanted to use it, it didn’t work and displayed the EA error, for both the heating and the hot water function. It is quite new, and although it is 4 years old, I haven’t used it much. What do you recommend? Thanks.

ANSWER: Not using boilers often enough actually causes damage. Using them on a regular basis is a way of maintaining them and is good for them. Important question: has your boiler had its annual service? You might find that with a good service, everything may be resolved. Ask a technician to carry out some general maintenance, and if there is another problem, he will likely be able to find it and fix it.

>>EA or E9? Is there a problem with the screen?


QUESTION: My boiler is displaying error code E9, but although I adjusted the thermostat, there is still a problem.

ANSWER: The E9 error code is completely different from error code EA. We have already seen what error code EA can mean. Error code E9 points to a failure in the safety thermostat, which means that either the equipment has been turned off, or it is being used too much. If your boiler displays an E9 error code and you have checked that your safety thermostat is fine, you should make sure that the screen is working properly (they can sometimes get damaged). Depending on the design, it sometimes happens that the digital “A” loses its vertical line to the left and displays a “9”. If you find that the screen is actually damaged (with only one line being the problem) this can give you a false code. This does happen from time to time. The error code would then be EA and not error code E9.

>> My boiler is displaying error code EA and doesn’t start until I remove the cover

QUESTION: Can someone explain to me why my Junkers boiler often locks up and displays an EA error, but if I remove the cover, it works normally? Thanks very much in advance.

ANSWER: From what you’ve mentioned, it could well be because the boiler or fan is dirty. This is something that the user manual also mentions: when you receive an EA error, you should examine the boiler’s gas exhaust pipe. If you need the boiler to be cleaned, it’s best to call in a professional.

>>I receive an EA error and if I reset it, it takes half an hour to restart

QUESTION: Hi. When my Junkers CerapurConfort boiler displays an EA error, it shuts down and can’t be restarted (the flame doesn’t ignite). If I keep it off for half an hour, it turns on again without any problem until it displays an EA error again and the vicious circle starts again. The same thing happens with the heating and hot water. Is this a factory fault?

ANSWER: The user manual does not recommend restarting your boiler immediately after having received an EA error because the part that caused the error could be damaged. The suggestion is that you turn it off, leave it off, and don’t turn it on again until a technician has had a look at it. There could be problems with the burner, but also take note that if you use butane and live in a cold area, you should think about using propane instead as butane can cause problems similar to the one you’ve mentioned.

>> Sound of exploding when switching on and an EA error on the screen

QUESTION: My Junkers boiler makes a slight explosive sound when I turn it on, it displays an EA error on the screen, and does not generate heat or hot water.

ANSWER: The explosive-”like” sound (not a real explosion) in a boiler can be due to several reasons:

  • You may be low in gas
  • Insufficient gas (low pressure)
  • Poor distribution of gas on the ramp
  • Congested injectors
  • Faulty electrodes
  • …and several other reasons

As you can tell, these reasons are less serious than they first appear, considering that the telltale sign was an exploding sound. However, there are countless possible causes and only a technician will be able to assess the situation properly, evaluate each of the possible causes, make a final assessment and provide a solution. The only thing that you can do is check the gas flow and if there is an ignition spark. Leave the rest in the hands of the professionals.

>>When is an EA error code dangerous on a Junkers boiler?

QUESTION: My boiler displays an EA error and it is surrounded by the smell of gas. I have already turned it off and ventilated the room. What else should I do?

ANSWER: When a Junkers boiler displays an EA error and is accompanied by the smell of gas or toxic fumes, the EA error is classified as being potentially dangerous. You have done the right thing in turning it off and ventilating the area. Your next step would be to ask for professional assistance. The Junkers company has a global commitment to caring for the environment and requires all equipment to be manufactured safely for human use, in addition to providing fast and effective help with potential gas leaks. Another handy thing you could do is place a gas detector next to your boiler.

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