Common Problems with Ferroli boilers and the Best Solutions.


When your Ferroli boiler is not starting, this can be due to various causes. However, the good news is that the majority of all Ferroli boiler errors are common and easy to solve.

Many of these errors are predictable and have simple solutions. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common Ferroli boiler problems, and how you can resolve them. After reading this article, you should be able to apply some practical solutions to your boiler problems.

The Most Common Problems with Ferroli Boilers.

It is easy to see why Ferroli boilers are some of the most sought-after boilers on the market. Ferroli appliances are incredibly versatile and can work with varying levels of water hardness. They are also known for their technological innovation as they are self-cleaning, which results in less wear and tear of parts. Additionally, Ferroli boilers are very user-friendly, provide instant hot water, have clear digital displays, are easy to use and have modern designs. They come in a wide range of elegant designs, and are energy-efficient with low consumption so that they comply with all new regulations regarding the amount of harmful emissions they produce.

Founded in 1955, Ferroli is a multinational, Italian heating and air conditioning company, and has had a presence in Spain since 1965.

Even though Ferroli boilers are made to the highest quality standards, like all heavy-duty domestic appliances, they are prone to breaking down. It is therefore important to know what action to take when this happens. Some of the most common problems with Ferroli boilers include:

Ferroli boiler is not switching on.

There can be various reasons why your Ferroli boiler is not switching on: Problems with the burner or any of its components, photocell or control unit failure, errors in the first phases of the ignition process, or the temperature or pressure is too high during re-ignition…These will all be discussed in greater detail later on in this article, in the section entitled “Ferroli boiler error codes, as per the manual”.

Low pressure due to a purge of water leak.

Normal pressure for a domestic boiler is anything between 1 and 2 bars. This is displayed in the boiler pressure guage (which, incidentally, actually measures the closed heating circuit’s pressure, and not that of the hot water circuit).


If your boiler’s pressure is less than 1 bar, this means that it is too low. This could mean that it is not heating the water sufficiently, resulting in water coming out of the tap that is not hot enough. Generally speaking, when a boiler’s pressure is too low, it is not able to perform its normal functions optimally.

There are 2 main reasons why your Ferroli boiler might have low pressure:

  • A water leak in the boiler or in parts of the circuit (paradoxically, leaks can be both a cause and a consequence of a drop in pressure). The best solution is to therefore to repair the leak.
  • The radiator has been bled (because it had air trapped inside or the pressure was too high), resulting in the pressure plummeting. The solution is normally to open the filling valve so that the water can help the pressure to rise again. In this case, keep an eye on the pressure guage so that the pressure doesn’t rise above 2 bars.

Ferroli boiler is not heating up, but the ACS boiler is.

Sometimes Ferroli boilers do not heat up properly but are still able to produce domestic hot water without any problems (meaning you program the thermostat, switch the boiler on, turn on the heating, but the boiler is not working and does not produce any heat, despite the fact that the ACS boiler is still producing hot water for your taps and shower).


In these cases, what is usually happening is that the circulation pump is blocked (it can be unblocked with a flat head screwdriver), or that in inlet key is faulty (it may need to be replaced), the probe heating temperature has drastically increased, the wire running from the thermostat in your home to your boiler has broken, or that even the thermostat itself is broken.

So, what is the solution? Well, always check, fix or replace any faulty parts. Should you need any spare parts, below is a list of the spares available directly from the Suner store:

Water circulation pumps

Ferroli filling and draining valves for boilers

Ferroli temperature probes

Ferroli boilers: fume expulsion problems due to a faulty turbine

When it comes to sealed or condenser boilers, the turbine plays a very important role: it is responsible for ensuring that air is admitted into the system so that it can combine with the fuel in the burner, and also the expulsion of air so that any residual fumes from the combustion process are removed.

So, when your Ferroli boiler’s turbine is not working, the boiler probably isn’t working, either. This component should be repaired or replaced with another part as soon as possible. You can browse the range of turbines for sale in the Suner store by clicking on the following link:



Problems with the control unit or thermostat.

Sometimes you might notice that when you program your heating to turn on at a specific time, the furnace doesn’t switch on. You might also notice that the radiators heat up at random times. All of these issues could be due to problems with the thermostat or control unit.

In these cases, you should contact a technician to check if the problem is inside the house (the thermostat), or if it is in the boiler or control unit, and in the electronics board. Normally, you would need to replace the control unit or plate with a new part.


Ferroli boiler error codes as per the manual.

Let’s take a look at the technical codes from the manufacturer’s manual that are displayed when there is an error. If you read through your manual thoroughly, you may also find some suggestions for possible solutions for these error codes. Note that error codes may vary from one boiler to the next.

We are now going to refer to a specific Ferroli boiler model: this is the popular Ferroli Bluehelix Tech RRT 24 C gas boiler, which is an outstanding model that uses great condensing technology and is very energy efficient. It’s often regarded as one of the best boilers available as it has been designed with the new RITE, ELD, and ErP ecological regulations in mind.

This table will explain some of the error codes that you can get with the Ferroli Bluehelix Tech RRT 24 C boiler:

A01Burner not ignitinga- Lack of fuel (supply cut off or faulty valve)
b- Electrode problems
c- Low pressure
d- Clogged siphon
e- Clogged smoke vent
a- Fill the boiler with gas and replace the valve
b- Clean or replace electrodes
c- Increase pressure
d- Clean the siphon
e- Unclog or clean pipe or smoke vents
A02Flame signal even though the burner has not been igniteda- Faulty electrodes
b- Faulty switchboard
a- Check the ionization electrode’s wiring, and the condition of the electrode, ground electrode, ground wire, and clean the siphon
b- Repair or replace the control unit or card
A05Faulty fana- Low electrical voltage (less than 230V)
b- Problems with the tachymeter signal
c- Fan fault
a- And b) Repair or replace the 5-pole connector cables
b- Repair or replace the fan
A06No flame after ignitinga- Faulty ionization electrode
b- The flame is unstable
c- Clogged air/smoke ducts and outlet
d- Clogged siphon
a- Correct the ionization electrode’s position (or replace it, if necessary)
b- Regulate the flame
c- Remove the pipe, smoke outlet, air inlet and terminals
d- Check and clean out the siphon
Fumes with an elevated temperatureThe smoke probe detects that the temperature is too highCheck the exchanger and flue gas probe
No cut-off when the temperature is too higha- Problem with the heating sensor
b- No water in circulating in the appliance
c- There is air in the circuit
a- Correct position and operation of the heating sensor (replace it with a new part, if necessary)
No cut-off when the temperature is too higha- Fault with the return sensor
b- No water circulating in the appliance
c- There is air in the circuit
a- Correct position and operation of the return sensor (and replace it with a new part, if necessary)
b- Check the circulation
c- Bleed the appliance to remove the air
Outlet sensor is failinga- Fault with outlet sensor
b- Wiring is too short or damaged
a- Check the outlet sensor and replace with a new part, if necessary
b- Check the wiring and repair, if needed
F12Return sensor failurea- Fault with return sensor
b- Wiring is too short or damaged
a- Check the return sensor, and either repair it or replace with a new one
b- Check the wiring and repair, if needed
The smoke probe is faultya- Flue gas probe fault
b- Wiring is too short or damaged
a- Check the smoke probe and replace with a new part, if needed.
b- Check the wiring and repair, if necessary
A14The smoke exit safety device is jumpingFault type F07 must have occurred 3 times in the past 24 hoursFor the solution, see error F07 (“High flue gas temperature)
A23 A24
A26 F15
F20 F21
F40 F47
F50 F51
Obvious fault in the card parametersThe card parameters have been incorrectlyReview your card parameters and change any
a- Not properly calibrated
b- Calibration process not completed
a- Parameters are incorrect, or the electrode has been incorrectly aligned or damaged
b- Low circulation in the primary circuit or very little output
a- Review the parameters and fully calibrate, check the position of the electrode (and replace with a new part if needed). After replacement, calibrate 100% again

These are the main error codes for the Ferroli Bluehelix Tech RRT 24 C, and the possible solutions for when your boiler has problems. It should be noted, however, that in the vast majority of cases, it is much better to call a technician as they will be able to put these solutions into practice.

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