How to reset a Ferroli boiler: We show you how


How to reset a Ferroli boiler: We show you how this can be done.

Learning how to reset a Ferroli boiler is one of the handiest skills you can have if you own a heating appliance from this brand. The Reset or rearm function can help you out of many sticky situations. It allows you to restart your heating again when you need it the most and can function as a good stopgap until you are able to call in a technician to repair the fault properly. In this article, we will discuss how to reset a Ferroli boiler, and when this should be done.

Intuitive and accurate interface display

As you know, Ferroli is one of the most sought-after wall boiler brands on the market. It has many benefits but its energy consumption is particularly low, which ensures that there are minimal polluting emissions and they comply with the new regulations. Ferroli boilers are also very versatile. In addition, regarding this article topic, they have one very important feature: their control panel design is very user-friendly, minimalist, and compact, meaning that any user can easily understand and use it.

Ferroli has kept the customer in mind with their intuitive and easy-to-use boiler displays which describe faults in detail with an error code that always gives suggestions on how to resolve problems, at least in general terms. The error code tables in Ferroli manuals are quite detailed, so it’s best to leave understanding and resolve them to a professional boiler technician who can easily diagnose the problem.


How to reset or rearm a Ferroli boiler

Ferroli manuals are very clear on the 2 procedures for resetting or rearming their boilers:

  • Directly on the boiler control panel: Press the Reset button for 1 second
  • Using the remote programmable clock: This option is only available if you have installed the optional remote programmable clock.

If you have tried resetting the boiler using one of the above two methods and your boiler is still not working, you would need to solve the problem using the error code that is displayed on the control panel. The user manual will show you the possible causes and solutions for this issue in the error code table.


According to Ferroli, there are 2 kinds of errors

Below we will show you how to understand Ferroli’s fault and error code system better and how to resolve these issues. Whenever there is a boiler problem, the control panel will flash and show an error code. According to the Ferroli manuals, your boiler can display 2 error types and this will determine whether or not the boiler needs to be reset:

Type A codes (can be resolved by resetting)

Some errors or problems can cause the boiler to stop working permanently (they are “permanent” in the sense that they are not corrected automatically, meaning the problem will continue until the user does something to resolve it).

These kinds of manuals are described in the manual with the letter “A”, and the first thing that needs to be done is for the unit to be manually restarted. For the boiler to start working again, it needs to be reset or rearmed using one of the methods indicated above.

Type F codes (can be automatically resolved without resetting)

Apart from this, problems that display an “F” (plus a number) can cause the boiler to temporarily stop working in the sense that the issue is automatically resolved as soon as whatever was causing the problem has been fixed. The boiler will then return to its normal operation.

When does the manual recommend resetting a Ferroli boiler?

As we have seen above, there are only a few instances where you need to manually reset your boiler (when you get an “A” error code + a number). The codes shown below are the main error codes where resetting is necessary, as well as the possible causes and solutions. If you can’t find the code you’re looking for below, consult your user manual:

CodeErrorPossible CausesSolutions
A01Burner not ignitingInsufficient gasEnsure that gas is reaching the boiler correctly and that there is no air in the pipes
Sensor electrode ignition problemsEnsure that the electrode is properly aligned, connected and clean it if you notice and debris (replace with a new part if necessary)
Gas valve problemInspect the gas valve and replace if necessary
Insufficient pressure in the gas systemRegulate the system’s fuel pressure
Siphon is stuckInspect the siphon and clean if necessary
Obstruction in the air intake or gas outletRemove the chimney, remove the gas outlet pipes, air intake pipes and the terminals
A02The burner is not working but there is a flame signalFaulty electrodeCheck the ionization electrode cables
Faulty cardInspect the electrode
Faulty cardGround the eletrode
Faulty cardGround the cable
Faulty cardInspect the siphon and clean if needed
Faulty cardInspect and/or replace the card
A05Problem with the fanInsufficient voltage in the 230 V supplyInspect the 5-pole connector’s wiring
Tachometer signal was interrupted
Fan faultInspect the fan
A06No flame after ignitionFaulty ionization electrodeCheck the ionization electrode’s position and/or replace it with a new part if needed
Unstable flameInspect the burner
Obstruction in the air intake or exhaust ductsRemove the chimney, remove the gas outlet pipes, air intake pipes and the terminals
A07Fume temperature is too highThe smoke probe is detecting excess temperatureInspect the exchanger
A08The temperature probe detects excess temperatureHeating sensor faultCheck if the heating sensor is working correctly and check its position (replace with another part if necessary)
A09The temperature probe detects excess temperatureFault with the return sensorInspect the return sensor and check its position (replace with another part if necessary)
A10Problem with the exit sensorExit sensor faultCheck the wiring or replace the exit sensor
A11Problem with the return sensorReturn sensor faultCheck the wiring or replace the return sensor
A13Problems with the smoke probeFaulty smoke probeCheck the wiring or replace the smoke probe
A42Problem with the heating sensor controlFaulty heating sensor controlCheck the heating sensor control position and check if it is working correctly
A23 -A24 -A26Problem with the card parametersSome of the card’s parameters have been incorrectly configuredCheck the card parameters and replace if needed

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