Spare parts for Roca boilers


Roca boilers are among the most popular sold on the market. They are highly accurate and efficient, especially when all their parts are original. It is better than the spare parts for Roca boilers are the original ones because that gives them efficiency, durability, and fuel economy. In this article, we offer you direct and easy access to the lists of spare parts and spare burners for Roca boilers in the Suner online store. In addition, we explain all the benefits of always having original spare parts for Roca boilers.

Spare parts for Roca boilers

Whenever you need a spare part, think that, although a generic part is cheaper, the original part is more efficient and offers the guarantee of having been manufactured with the same specifications and materials by the same manufacturer. At Suner we have a wide range of spare parts for Roca boilers, 100% original and at prices that will ensure you do not think twice. You can acquire the spare part you need from us. Click on this link to see the complete and detailed list of spare parts for Roca boilers in our store.


We have all kinds of spare parts, so you will always find yours: pumps, valves, registers, plates, injectors, traps, temperature probes, connection cables, trap and drain by-pass taps, control panels, fans, cards. electronics, ionisation probe kit + ignition electrodes (with or without cable), burner plates, time switches, variable signal pressure switches, counter flanges, accumulators, pilot burners, safety thermostats, turbulators, glass nuts… AND more.

Here are some advantages of using Roca boiler spare parts that are always original:

You maintain the guarantee of your boiler. Some manufacturers withdraw the guarantee if original spare parts are not used in the repair of a boiler from their brand. It is understandable since an inaccurate generic replacement part could lead to breakdowns.

Value is not the same as cost. A generic part may cost less, but that means it also has less value. The value is determined by engineering, updates, modifications, internal optimizations, durability, efficiency, and a whole series of details that only the original manufacturer can provide, and not the generic ones. An original part has a higher cost, but it is because it has more value.

Continuous availability. The seller of generic or imitation parts will always have to deal with all brands of the boiler at the same time, and hardly have all the parts available at all times. On the other hand, the original manufacturer will, of course, always have spare parts for their equipment available.

Burner spare parts for Roca boilers

The heart of an efficient boiler is a perfectly functioning burner. The burner is the key to saving fuel and money. At Suner we have completely original spare parts for burners for Roca boilers.


An original spare part for your boiler’s burner will always keep it looking new. Click on this link and access the complete list of spare parts for burners for Roca boilers in the Suner store. We offer completely original spare parts because that is what your boiler needs.

Here are some of the advantages of using an original part for your burner instead of a generic part:

Quality materials and design. Some OEM parts may be nearly identical or identical to the original (ORI). But it is not the same for PIA or imitation parts. These are not necessarily the same composition as the originals, and maybe to poor quality standards: wide tolerance levels, misaligned holes, uneven threads, poor quality welds, etc.

Update compatibility. Whenever a boiler manufacturer updates, readjusts, or improves the design of one of their boilers, they also update the design of the replacement parts for that boiler, especially when it comes to a high-precision component such as a boiler burner. But this does not happen with imitation replacement parts, which are becoming obsolete and do not fit perfectly with the rest of the parts.

Durability and after-sales services. Durability is based on the composition of the part. Generic sellers do not guarantee that their parts will last as long as an original. Furthermore, we should consider the after-sales service (technical advice, specialized parts, services, etc.) carried out by experts in the brand.

Spare parts for Roca 20/20f boiler

The Roca 20/20f boiler is one of the most versatile on the market, as well as being a magnificent example of the quality of Roca boilers, a leading boiler manufacturer. The service offered by this boiler in the home increases the quality of life significantly in terms of heating and hot water. Here we offer you the list of 100% original Roca 20/20f boiler spare parts, available at the Suner store.

Importance of buying original Roca spare parts

The manuals recommend using only original Roca spare parts, provided by the manufacturer or by an authorized distributor such as Suner. If you have ever doubted whether to choose an original spare part or a generic one, or you have hardly known how to differentiate them, in this article you can learn some tricks to understand this.

Imitation parts apparently have advantages, but you may eventually need to buy them more often, and they may not offer you the same performance as the original part, sold by the manufacturer of your equipment.

There are 3 categories of spare parts: ORI (original spare parts supplied by the manufacturers of the equipment brand), OEM (spare parts with optimal parameters provided by those who provide parts to the brand), and PIA (generic spare parts sold by third parties). Always select parts from the first two categories, and avoid imitation parts.

  • A generic replacement part might get you out of a bind, but it should only be used until you can buy the original. The generic will not have the same working harmony with the rest of the original equipment parts. This is due to various reasons, such as:
  • The original spare parts are always made with the same raw materials that the manufacturer used to give the best guarantee and durability to your equipment.
  • Made with the exact design of the manufacturer themselves, from the original plans and not from copies.
  • More guarantee of operation in conjunction with the rest of the components.
  • They go through quality-control tests and therefore are safer than generics, which will be made without meeting technical requirements.

Where to buy spare parts for Roca boiler at Suner

If you have wondered where you can buy original Roca spare parts in Spain, here we list the locations of the Suner Delegations. In the facilities of our company, you will always be attended to by specialized personnel, who will facilitate the task of finding the exact spare parts you need. We are at your disposal.

Here you have the contact details of the 4 delegations. Click on the title links if you prefer to access the location of the Suner delegations on Google Maps. You can also access the email service of each delegation.

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