Viessmann F4 error


Causes and main solutions

With Viessmann boilers, error F4 means that there is a flame problem. In theory, this is an error that the user can solve themselves without having to call in technical assistance. However, no-flame problems are very generic, they can have various causes, and it is sometimes difficult to determine the most appropriate solution. In this article, we will show you a step-by-step process in how to solve the F4 error in a Viessmannboiler that goes beyond a simple reset.

Fixing error F4 in a Viessmann boiler

We mentioned at the beginning of this article that error F4 in a Viessman boiler is one that can be solved by the user. In theory, it should simply be a matter of going to your boiler and resetting it. However, if the F4 error becomes a “chronic” problem, if it happens daily, it becomes a nuisance and you feel freezing cold in the early mornings because your boiler is blocked and the heating has stopped, it is a problem. Bear in mind that error F4 can occur several times in the same morning.

When this happens, a mere reset or restart may not be enough. You need to resolve the problem that is causing the error so that it doesn’t worsen. We will now discuss in more detail what error code F4 means in a Viessmann boiler, and what you should do when this code appears on your boiler’s control panel screen.

Gas supply problems

If there is no flame due to a generic problem, the same will be true for the gas. No gas may be due to a gas cut in your street, problems with the meter, a dead cylinder if you use LPG, a faulty gas regulator, the air inside the gas installation, or even a fault with the valve, gas inlet, or because the valve is not open properly. Each of these things must be fixed, and if needed, the faulty parts must be replaced.

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Dirty, clogged, or damaged burner

One of the most significant causes of flame problems is the burner, which is the device that produces it. A dirty or congested burner, and more importantly, one that is damaged, won’t be able to produce a flame.

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Dirty, damaged, or misaligned electrodes

The electrodes’ function is generating the spark that ignites the fuel and air to cause a flame in the burner. If they are dirty or unusable, the burner won’t be able to ignite and the boiler will not work as there is no flame.

They can also be misaligned. In order to perform their function, the electrodes must be at a certain distance apart from each other and from the burner. The manual should explain these distances. However, it’s best to have the repair carried out by a technician.

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How to interpret the Viessmann error code system

Over time, domestic boilers have become more efficient, not only in terms of internal operation, fuel efficiency, and the reduction of polluting emissions, etc. but also in terms of there now being a control panel and a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface for the average user.

It is for this reason that Viessmann boilers, like their counterparts, have a display where the error code indicates why the boiler has stopped working. Thereafter, you simply need to consult the manual to check what the error means, what error type it is, and what the possible solutions are.

Error codes are not always absolute. Sometimes they are merely indicative. Some errors are functional or temporary and will be resolved by the boiler itself, after which it will restart and then resume normal operations. Other errors require human intervention. Some of these can be solved easily by the user themselves, while others need a technician, who will be able to decide which solution is best for that particular problem.

With other boiler brands, there are also errors that can start out as being temporary but can then become permanent if the fault is not resolved. The error we have analyzed today in a Viessmann boiler is error code F4, and this one can go from being temporary to permanent. If needed, it’s best to call in a professional to determine what is causing the flame problem. This is very worthwhile as the ongoing lack of flame can eventually lead to parts breaking down. Users of this German brand know that these boilers are very efficient but spare parts are not cheap.


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