Butane gas heater Problems


Butane gas heaters differ slightly from propane or natural gas heaters. Gas heaters are the most prone to problems (and we will discuss these briefly in this article), but today’s article will focus mainly on butane gas heater problems. The Most Common Problems with Butane Gas Heaters Most butane gas heater problems are with the accessories […]

How to clean a gas heater


Learning how to clean a gas water heater is a very useful skill. As you surely know, a hot water heater that is not properly cleaned suffers from diminished performance, increased fuel bills and pollutant gas emissions, not to mention the accumulation of bacteria that can be passed on to the water. For all these […]

How to repair the expansion vessel of a boiler


The expansion vessel is one of the main safety components of your boiler. It serves to absorb excess pressure, thanks to which avoids serious breakdowns and protects both the equipment and the human being. Be sure to read this article, because we will be seeing, step by step, how to repair the expansion vessel of […]

My boiler makes banging noise: How to fix it


If you have ever wondered why your boiler makes noise, we have written this article especially for you. There are several reasons why a boiler may be making noise, and here we will go through them point by point. Good boiler technicians (like doctors) often know how to define what kind of problem a boiler […]

Vaillant Boilers Problems: 8 common problems and their solutions


It’s important to know the problems and effective solutions for the Vaillant boiler. Vaillant boilers (closely related to Saunier Duval boilers) are among the most installed boilers of all time. This is due to their high output, superb performance, low consumption, intelligent and user-friendly interface, and the highest ratings for low NOx, reduced pollutant emissions […]

What to do when the Vaillant boiler raises the pressure by itself?


When the Vaillant boiler rises the pressure on its own, this might be due to different causes. In this article we will analyze the reasons why the Vaillant boiler rises pressure on its own, as well as effective solutions to fix the issue. First things first: What pressure should the Vaillant boiler have? Boilers, no […]

F23 errors in Vaillant boilers


An F23 error in Vaillant boilers indicates that a momentary blockage has occurred due to an excess of temperature in the equipment. The excess temperature was possibly due to a failure in the circulation pump, and therefore a lack of water. But as excessive temperature rises in a boiler can occur for various reasons, this […]

Why your gas heater won’t start when you turn on the faucet


One of the most common and frequent problems with domestic hot water (DHW) is that the gas heater does not turn on when you open the faucet; you only realize it when the water is already cold, and you have been deprived of the anticipated pleasure of hot running water. So, if this has happened […]

Common Problems with Ferroli boilers and the Best Solutions.


When your Ferroli boiler is not starting, this can be due to various causes. However, the good news is that the majority of all Ferroli boiler errors are common and easy to solve. Many of these errors are predictable and have simple solutions. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common Ferroli […]

Why is My Diesel Boiler’s Burner Blocked?


The burner is, without a doubt, one of the most (if not the most) important components of your boiler. This part of your boiler provides you with domestic hot water and helps you to live comfortably in your home. When there is a blockage in your diesel boiler’s burner, it will usually stop working completely. […]